Industry Solutions

Communications Link Industry Solutions

Working for Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized companies in the insurance field, automotive, airline fields, and with local radio broadcasters as well as the great universities in the New England area, we have supplied, for example:

For Colleges and Universities

  • Broadband forward and reverse path 1 GHz video networks
  • Upwards of 30 channel headends
  • Integrated off-air and satellite video feeds
  • Satellite antenna farms with remote access systems for control

For Hospital Complexes

  • Large headend for video and audio content to patient rooms

For Radio and Television Broadcasters

  • Assembled and installed antenna of 1M up to 10M in size.
  • Implemented GPS, UHF/VHF and HD transmission

For Government agencies such as the FBI, Air National Guard, Social Security, and Veteran’s Administration

  • Business TV for program content
  • Video, data, and voice cabling
  • VCR, tuners and plasma viewing equipment
  • City of Boston Public Health video satellite links for wireless and point-to-point connectivity
  • City of Brockton distributed educational content over LAN and town network

For the Public and Sports Sector

  • Viewing equipment for Logan Airport, the new Boston Garden, Fenway Park
  • Copper backbone and fiber video distribution for security for over 150 shopping malls
  • Updated cinema projection equipment from analog to digital.

For the Commercial Sector

  • Installed IPTV digital signage
  • Plasma viewing equipment
  • Served as general contractor for new and updated stores

For the Finance Sector

  • IP base technology for high speed Internet connectivity
  • Structured cabling in offices for phones and video