Communications Solutions

Wireless LAN

Wireless Infrastructure the Smart Way

The wireless survey is first and most important step in any wireless deployment. Every building has different radio frequency propagation characteristics, and our wireless survey allows us to adapt coverage to the particular space to ensure the best coverage possible. Communications Link has the instruments and expertise to perform a detailed wireless survey and the experience to select equipment to ensure the design will perform to desired specifications.

Our technicians go on-site and set up an active transmitter to simulate an access point, and take measurements throughout the facility. This is the best way to know exactly where coverage needs to be enhanced and by how much, to be sure the desired coverage will be attained. The survey maps the signal readings to the building floor plans to document the coverage adequacy.

Then Communications Link technicians install the access points and cable infrastructure and verify coverage.

The Power of Voice over Wireless LAN

One of the most important new developments in wireless mobility is voice over the wireless LAN. Portable handsets that use Voice over IP and work through the wireless access points deployed on the corporate network allow employees to roam the facility with the full functionality of a desk phone. This is done without the ongoing cost of cell phone service plan and usage charges. Most businesses use cell phones to provide employees mobility, incurring the cost of using those cell phones within the business premises, and without the convenience of dialing an extension from the company phone system. Traditional cordless phones work for small companies or where employees need to roam over a limit distance. VoWLAN phones give mobile employees the power of the corporate phone system while they roam the facility, while providing the company and its customers better access to the mobile employees. Save those expensive cell minutes for when employees are off the premises.