Communications Solutions

Wireless Enterprise Mobility

Businesses everywhere are discovering the advantages of a mobile workforce. Significant savings can be realized through enhanced efficiency and flexibility that result in short return on investment periods. The cell phone sparked the wireless mobility trend, which then expanded to include wireless access from laptop computers and PDA’s, and now includes handheld devices for order entry and tracking, shipping, inventory management, enhanced customer service and Internet access.

Developments in technology provide the extension of enterprise wide voice and desktop applications. Mobile workers have access to information and processes while they are in the field. Communications Link applies its RF expertise in a variety of areas for enterprise mobility:

  • Installing and maintaining wireless infrastructure
  • Providing voice over your wireless LAN
  • Extending your LAN with point-to-point/multi-point critical connections
  • Designing and installing asset and personnel tracking systems using the latest wireless technology

See how CommLink, in partnership with GigaBeam, successfully installed two wireless circuits for Compass Medical PC.