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Big Business Communications for Small Businesses

Small businesses everywhere are waking up to a fact that large enterprises have known for some time, that communications and information are the lifeblood of their business. Small to medium businesses are realizing that they now have access to communications and data network functionality that were previously only available to large enterprises. The features, functionality and cost-savings associated with VoIP phone systems were traditionally practical only for the largest businesses. Advances in technology and an increased awareness of the needs of the small business market by vendors have combined to make cutting-edge communications and networking technology affordable for small business. The features of VoIP phone systems can give a small business the same flexibility, functionality and sophistication formerly reserved for much larger companies. Call for a free consultation to find out how cutting-edge communications technology can enhance your business using audio systemspaging systems, and data networks and how affordable they can be.

Delivering Advanced Audio Functionality

Whether the audio application is interior, exterior, or both, with overhead paging, background music, video display units, or kiosks, in waiting rooms, an exercise center, cafeteria, meeting hall, auditorium or large warehouse, our company has the design and installation experience to help you select the audio distributions system that is best for your business. Our objective is user-friendly system design for everything from basic systems to very sophisticated, complex systems with large distribution networks and multiple sources. System designs typically include either rack-mounted or cabinet-installed amplifiers, audio mixers, equalizers, CD or Tape systems, IPod integration, wireless microphones, overhead and wall mounted speakers. Communications Link can deliver advanced audio system functionality combined with pleasing aesthetics for your facilities.

Your Business Runs on Information

For most businesses today, the data network is a mission-critical system, often second in importance only to the products or services that a company provides its customers. The cabling infrastructure your network runs on shouldn’t contribute to your worries. Communications Link has over twenty years experience in installing network infrastructure, including copper, fiber optic, and wireless systems to keep the physical part of your network running smoothly. With Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) on staff, and BICSI-certified technicians, Communications Link assures you that your cabling installation is in good hands. Communications Link can design, install, test, certify and maintain your physical network to exacting industry standards. It won’t be your cable plant that keeps you awake at night.

IP Paging Systems

IP paging systems can span multiple buildings or be deployed inter-city; they can be integrated with a paging horns or highly intelligible public address speakers; they can also use the speaker-phone feature of IP phones to broadcast paging audio output. Because these systems are computer driven, it is possible to tailor output to specific paging groups. For example, paging groups in a retail environment can broadcast music to customers or messages to employees as needed.