Communications Solutions

Voice and Data Networks

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Voice over Internet protocol is the routing of voice conversations via the Internet or through any other IP-based network carrying packets of data. In general, phone service via VoIP reduces costs and provides greater flexibility over traditional circuit-switched networks. Toll-quality voice conversation can be achieved with added flexibility and features.

Integrating a VoIP Solution

Network assessment and preparation is critical to successful deployment of VoIP solutions. Communications Link can ensure a successful integration of VoIP service on your network by making sure your network is fully prepared, then providing, installing, configuring and maintaining a VoIP phone system for you. VoIP phones can integrate with other services, including video conferencing and IP multicast. VoIP services can be deployed as a hardware IP phone system that is either pure IP or hybrid, or as a server-based softswitch.

Integrating a Central Off-Premise VoIP Switch

Mid-sized companies can take advantage of VoIP without investing in IP softswitches to direct call traffic, or power backup equipment and maintenance personnel to keep phone traffic running smoothly. These companies can outsource those functions to hosted IP Centrex providers who will give their clients features such as 4-digit dial and transfer, personal call routing, and web retrieval of voice messages. Communications Link can help you design, configure, and maintain your hosted VoIP phone system.