Communications Solutions

Video Headend and Distribution

The headend is the primary distribution point for an in-house or campus wide broadband system. The headend is the termination point for the off-air, satellite, cable and locally generated audio and video signals. These signal inputs are then processed and modulated for the distribution over the coaxial, fiber or wireless network.

Headends typically include racks, UPS systems, IRD’s, encoders, decoders, modulators, processors, strip amplifiers, distribution amps, combiners, fiber transceivers, and splitters.

Viewing location equipment may consist of Plasma Screen, Flat Screen, Computer screens, CRT, or Projection Systems depending on the customer’s needs and requirements. Communications Link’s services include the purchase, installation and servicing of these viewing equipment products.

Communications Link has trained and certified personnel with extensive experience in the design, installation and balancing of sub-band, mid-band and broadband forward and return systems.