Communications Solutions

Digital Video Design and Distribution

Digital video is growing in the corporate, educational, government and healthcare sectors. Corporations deliver management, public relations and marketing messages while controlling content and the timing of delivery. Distance learning, news distribution, and training take on new dimensions with video distribution for the web or for ‘pod casting’.

The video distribution network is rapidly becoming a standard tool for businesses to deliver information. As display technology improves, the cost for advanced display systems comes down and sparks more widespread adoption of advanced display technologies as a better means for businesses to deliver information to customers, employees and visitors. With over 20 years of video distribution, design and installation experience, Communications Link has become widely known for our expertise in broadband system design and integration.

Signals can be gathered from multiple sources and combined onto the video distribution network and controlled through a video headend. The system can be used for video conferencing or can be enabled so a broadcast may be originated from any video outlet in the system and distributed to all televisions connected to the network.