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Satellite Radio for Businesses

There are currently two companies offering radio transmission via satellite signals. XM Radio and Sirius use their own satellites hovering over the United States to deliver music and news via multiple channels. Most radio signals can travel up to 30-40 miles from their source. Even though XM Radio originates in Washington, DC, and Sirius in New York, their music and news can be heard anywhere in the US where the satellite signal can reach.

Satellite Radio for Your Customers

Satellite radio is commercial free because it is financed by subscribers, not by advertisers. At present, XM Radio includes some advertising. In addition, satellite radio is static free because the signal is digital. Subscribers to satellite radio need to purchase a satellite tuner for one of the providers and must subscribe for the satellite signals. Many electronics companies make receivers that plug-and-play in your car or at home. But for your business rely on an expert that can help you choose between the two services and design and install a solution that meets your business, and customer needs.

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XM Satellite Radio

XM Radio currently has more subscribers than Sirius Radio. Individual taste in programming may determine which provider one chooses.

  • Many commercial-free music channels
  • The best digital-quality sound in satellite radio
  • Music, News, Sports, Talk, Weather, Traffic…Over 120 digital channels.
  • Low-cost “Plug and Play” receivers
  • Channel-blocking available to control content
  • No external antenna necessary in many locations
  • All ASCAP, BMI and other commercial music license fees paid
  • No long-term contract required. No expensive equipment to lease.
  • Signal distribution systems for facilities large and small

Sirius Business

Tired of paying high monthly fees and being burdened with long-term contracts just to have music at your business? SIRIUS Business is the solution. Broadcasting coast-to-coast, 24-hours a day from state-of-the-art studios in the heart of NYC, Sirius uses a fleet of high-power satellites to deliver 67 commercial-free music channels. From a collection of over 500,000 songs, the channels span a huge array of categories, from pop to hip-hop; from blues to classical. Whatever music type suits your business and pleases your customers, Sirius has it.

Signal distribution systems are available for buildings large and small, and often do not require an external antenna.