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Satellite Phones in Disaster Recovery

CommunicationsLink Service Corporation offers satellite phones and air time. Services include mobile and fixed satellite phones and combination satellite/cell phones.

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Communications in an Emergency

Redundant/Emergency Backup Communications using satellite phone services are the most reliable and robust part of emergency backup communications. There are currently three satellite phone service providers. Satellite phone services may not rely on any ground-based networks in the local user’s area and may be the only alternative for communications in a disaster. In the case of most services, your call is routed from the satellite and immediately to its closest ground station, and then it goes from the ground station, as best it can, to its final destination. If its final destination is another satellite phone, it travels back up to another satellite and down to the phone, wherever it may be.

This means, for most satellite phone services, there remain ground based vulnerabilities. However, currently, Iridium is the notable exception to this. If you are calling to another Iridium phone, your call goes directly from your phone to the closest available satellite, then is routed among the satellites until reaching a satellite that can then beam the call down to the recipient.

This capability makes Iridium the most robust network for handling ground based disasters.

Reports indicate Hurricane Katrina, 2005, knocked out over 3 million landline circuits and over 1000 cell sites. Three weeks later, only 60% of the cell phone networks were operational and two million calls were still failing. On the other hand, Iridium’s network was completely unaffected, and for the first 72 hours of Katrina, Iridium traffic in the Gulf region increased more than 3000%. The number of subscribers in affected areas grew 500%.

Voice, fax and data can all be provided over secure satellite links from a disaster site or other remote location. However currently, data service is many times slower than current dial-up service.

Remote Satphones have been used by corporations, businesses and emergency service organizations, during natural disaster such as earthquakes, hurricanes and floods, when regular power and phone service has been compromised.