Communications Solutions

Satellite Data and Teleconferencing

Satellite Data using VSAT Technology

Communications Link provides VSAT technology to ensure reliable, secure communication links to one or many remote sites that may not have landline services at all. VSAT provides links that are not vulnerable to landline outages, or to landline services that may be undependable or cost-prohibitive.

Satellite technology continues to advance, and satellite communications are entering a new age of advanced services and enhanced functionality. Most VSAT systems are now based on IP, and cover a very broad spectrum of applications such as VoIP, fax, data, remote telemetry and videoconferencing, with options for enhanced security and features like bandwidth optimization to make the most of available bandwidth and keep costs down.
VSAT technology is used by 2-way satellite Internet providers such as DirecWay and Wild Blue in the US. (DirecWay is also available in Europe, South America, India and China.) These services are used across the world, at rural or remote locations, as a means of delivering broadband Internet access to sites that cannot get DSL or cable.

Communications Link installs and maintains iDirect remote technologies from Direcway, to provide networking power that will support user applications and meet communications challenges via satellite.

We also install and service high-speed Internet access via satellite using Wild Blue connectivity.

VSAT Technology

VSAT”, for Very Small Aperture Terminal is a 2-way satellite ground station with a dish antenna that is smaller than 3 meters in diameter, with a large majority being 1 meter or less. VSAT antennas are typically roof, ground or pole-mounted, and can be positioned to be relatively unobtrusive. VSAT is most commonly used for point of sale transactions including credit card authorizations and RFID applications such as wireless pay-at-the-pump features used by gasoline retailers. There are over 100,000 gas stations in the United States alone that use VSAT networks. Today other users of VSAT networks include:

  • Petroleum companies use VSAT to transmit real-time data from remote well sites and production facilities.
  • Utility companies use VSAT to monitor and control equipment at remote sites.
  • Retailers are large users of VSAT technology, which makes it easy to link geographically dispersed locations to corporate or regional headquarters for sending data on inventory, sales or inter-company correspondence.
  • Governments are also large users of VSAT technology, both military and civilian. VSAT terminals link geographically dispersed locations in the civilian world, and soldiers in the field to field command centers and headquarters in the military world, with high degrees of flexibility and security.
  • Public Safety agencies use VSAT extensively to provide backup and disaster recovery communications in the event of a disruption in landline services, and for normal use at remote incident sites and to link with mobile command vehicles.
  • VSAT is used by car dealerships affiliated with major manufacturers such as Ford and General Motors, for transmitting and receiving sales figures and orders, as well as for receiving internal communications such as service bulletins, ordering parts, and interactive distance learning training courses from the manufacturer.

iDirect Technologies

The ability to deliver broadband access to all your facilities is a critical component in your organization’s productivity and efficiency. iDirect Technologies understands that unless your remote access can also support all of your organizations business critical applications, it’s only doing half the job. iDirect’s remote technology provides the networking power you need to support all your user applications, and meet any communications challenge via satellite. The NetModem was developed to include all the functionality customers need:

Broadband Access – IDirect Technologies supports the highest TCP/IP throughputs in the industry, with speeds up to 18 Mbps downstream and a 8.4 Mbps upstream. And, since IDirect supported networks can be configured in 1Kbps increments, users can get exactly the bandwidth they need in the most cost-effective manner.

Application Support – Deploy any HTTP application, and simultaneously support data, voice and video to multiple locations while guaranteeing the delivery quality. Remote locations will have the same capabilities as offices on landline broadband networks.

Centralized NMS System – Manage all your remote units from a central location. The iDirect Network Management System (NMS) provides all essential monitor and control operations from a centrally located Network Operations Center (NOC).

Increased Bandwidth Efficiency – support more applications and carry more traffic over your available bandwidth. Deterministic TDMA network architecture (D-TDMA) algorithm allocates bandwidth among multiple remote sites, based on criteria such as the queued depth at each remote site, the CIR (Committed Information Rate) configuration, Quality of Service (QoS) and prioritization requirements.

Support Real Time Applications – Deploy applications like voice and video with the most flexible and granular Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities in the industry. You can automatically identify, classify and prioritize data traffic across the network to provide flexible service and application options to customers.

Capacity Optimization – With 1.2 Carrier Spacing iDirect delivers a 14% savings in bandwidth, through more efficient use of your transponder capacity. In addition, by using a native IP solution you save 10-50% capacity compared with inefficient MPEG Encapsulation.

Security – Remote locations no longer need to sacrifice functionality for security. The iDirect solutions enables the deployment of government or corporate approved VPN solutions over satellite networks without loss of either TCP performance or support for real-time applications such as VoIP and streaming video.

Wild Blue

Wild Blue offers you high-speed Internet access via satellite to almost every corner of the U.S. Imagine “always on”, lightning-fast connections to the Internet. No more dialing in. No more delays. No more wondering if high-speed Internet will arrive in your town. Get connected the way you’ve always wanted to: FAST

  • Fast – WildBlue is lightning fast. Get download speeds up to 1.5 Mbps and upload sppeds up to 256 Kbps.
  • Available – WildBlue is available to virtually every home and small office in America. Availability can be verified in seconds by entering your zip code.
  • Affordable –Wild Blue is very affordable. All of your ISP services like email and web space are included. Get this great value in wireless broadband today.