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Satellite Business TV Networks

Because of current technology which overcomes the broadcast issues of viewing TV on a PC monitor as well as issues with audio synchronization and possible echoing effects, businesses now use TV in many ways.

  • A large business can launch its own TV channel to reach its entire work force or customer base with the same message simultaneously.
  • It is possible to broadcast over the corporate Intranet (webcasting) with a business’ own content and receive feedback such as audience polls, test answers, and usage reports.
  • In the financial sector, streaming video over IP (VoIP) can provide up to 10 channels of up to the minute news, data, and other information to analysts and brokers on their desktops.

In additiona, the very popular DirecTV and DISH Network deliver many news and entertainment channels via satellite to businesses for their customers’ viewing. CommunicationsLink Services designs and installs connections for satellite TV for businesses as well as:

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