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About POL

A GPON-based Network That Changes the Enterprise LAN Dynamic

Motorola Mobility’s Passive Optical LAN (POL) solution is a point-to-multipoint network in which a single aggregation switch provides more than 7,000 IP voice, data, and video network connections to any Ethernet-based device or system. Enterprise communications travel over an optical fiber for a distance of up to 20km. The connections are well-equipped for high-bandwidth multimedia applications – supporting aggregate downstream data throughput.

Implementing Motorola’s POL technology offers any CTM both an exceptional ROI and a lower TCO.  Here’s how:

  • Bringing “fiber to the desktop” by utilizing a Passive Optical LAN in the place of a traditional copper wire LAN generates dramatic savings for the user.
  • A Passive Optical LAN measurably simplifies Network Operations
  • A Passive Optical LAN offers superior security
  • A Passive Optical LAN offers increased uptime
  • A Passive Optical LAN is an environmentally responsible investment.

For a more detailed explanation of these advantages, click here.

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