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High-Quality Motorola Products Leverage GPON Technology to Drive Its POL Solution

Motorola’s AXS1800: Enterprise Aggregation Switch (EAS)

AXS1800 The Motorola Enterprise Aggregation Switch (EAS) is a high density layer 2 aggregation device that extends fiber directly from the data center to the desktop. It is designed to deliver quality IP-voice, high-throughput data, and any type of video over a highly reliable and secure optical network. Based on the same Motorola passive fiber optic technology deployed in carrier networks around the world, the Motorola EAS delivers very high reliability, providing IT managers the opportunity to focus on new IT projects and business needs while delivering a high quality Web 2.0 experience throughout the enterprise.Click here for the AXS1800 data sheet.

Motorola’s AXSvision Graphical User Interface (GUI)

AXSvision unleashes the power of Motorola’s advanced Passive Optical LAN solutions by simplifying the creation and delivery of advanced enterprise services. With Motorola’s AXSvision, IT managers can:
•    Simplify provisioning and management of their local area networks
•    Quickly isolate faults and identify network outages
•    Centrally troubleshoot and correct service problem and system performance issues
•    Support hundreds of simultaneous GUI client sessions
•    Perform on-demand and scheduled Work Group Terminal (WGT) and network backup upgrades
•    Easily integrate AXSvision into existing operational environments with standards-based XML interfaces

Click here for the Motorola AXSvision data sheet.

Motorola’s Enterprise Work Group Terminals (WGT)

Motorola’s carrier-class Enterprise Work Group Terminals (WGT) extend the fiber to the edge of the access network to enable the delivery of voice, video and high bandwidth data services. Motorola’s WGTs are easily deployed in support of enterprise users and applications and provide line-rate gigabit services at distances of up to 20km from the core switch, thereby reducing the cost and complexity of the local area network.

WT21004: PoE Work Group Terminal

WT21004 Motorola’s WT21004 delivers a full range of services over a secure and converged all-optical local area network and features four Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) ports that can provide power to VoIP phones, wireless access points, and security cameras.
•    Ideal for corporate enterprise settings
•    Equipped with 4x 10/100/1000bT PoE Ethernet ports for voice, video and wireless
•    Offers integrated battery backup: 2 Li-ON batteries, supplying 30W on the PoE ports for up to 45 minutes
•    Supports IP voice, high speed data and IP video

Click here for the WT21004 data sheet.

ONT1120GE: Enterprise Work Group Terminal

ONT1120GE The Motorola ONT1120GE workgroup terminal provides a cost-effective, scalable solution for initial rollout or full deployment and is designed to deliver a full range of advanced services.
•    Ideal for corporate enterprise settings
•    Provides 4x 10/100/1000bT Ethernet ports
•    Supports IP voice, high speed data and IP video

Click here for a complete ONT1120GE data sheet.

SF24210: RF Work Group Terminal

SF24210 The Motorola SF24210 enables the delivery of RF video services in addition to data services over the all optical secure converged local area network.
•    Ideal for corporate enterprise settings, dormitories, hospital rooms and airport terminals
•    Equipped with 1x 10/100/1000bT, 3×10/100bT Ethernet ports
•    Provides 1 F connector to support RF video
•    Supports IP voice, high speed data and any type of video (RF and IP)Click here for the SF24210 data sheet.

ONT6000GET: High Density Work Group Terminal

Motorola’s ONT6000GET is easily deployed into areas where high concentrations of stationary Ethernet devices or applications exist and enables the delivery of secure, converged networks.
•    Ideal for corporate enterprise settings, high rise buildings, dormitories, hospital rooms and airport terminals
•    Provides 12x 10/100/1000bT Ethernet ports
•    Provides 1 F connector to support RF video
•    Supports IP voice, high speed data and any type of video (RF and IP)

Click here for the ONT6000GET data sheet

Motorola MD26000

MDU26000 The Motorola MD26000 High-Density Workgroup Terminal is designed to deliver a full range of advanced voice, data, and IP video services over a converged all-optical local area network (LAN). With greatly improved enterprise fiber deployment methods, enterprises can economically access the power of an all-fiber network while achieving significant capital and operational savings.
•    Enables the delivery of secure converged networks providing quality IP voice, line rate data services, and enterprise IP video application
•    Enables easy installation supported through pre-provisioned service profiles
•    Provides a cost-effective, scalable solution for initial rollout or full deployment
•    Addresses evolving “Green IT”initiatives
•    Provides 24 10/100bT stationary Ethernet connections
•    Works with existing in-building wiring including CAT 5
•    Compact design is rack/wall mountable and easily fits into any intermittent distribution frame (IDF) environmentClick here for the Motorola MD26000 data sheet.

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