Communications Solutions

Cellular/PCS Systems

Technology can now deliver phone service to places with weak cellular signals or remote areas with no cellular coverage at all. Communications Link provides in-building booster systems as well as the infrastructure for satellite phone systems to keep people connected.

In-Building Cellular Boosters

In-building cellular booster systems are designed and installed to improve cell phone reception within buildings, basements, tunnels, or parking garages, to add wireless coverage where cell signals are too weak or where “dead spots” exist.

With the ever increasing use and dependence on cell phone reception, our ability to provide design, installation and support services with manufacturer certified technicians has provided much-needed, dependable cell coverage to our customers and their work places.

Communications Link can design systems to provide coverage for a single carrier or for multiple cell services. Please contact us for a free site consultation.

Basic Architecture of Cellular Signal Booster Systems

Cellular signal boosters are comprised of one or more external donor antennas to collect cellular signal from outdoors, which are then conducted to a bi-directional amplifier (BDA) or repeater which provides the signal amplification. The amplified signal is then distributed through indoor antennas that are strategically positioned throughout the building or campus to enhance the signal where coverage is weak or non-existent. Such a distributed antenna system (or DAS) can be cabled with optical fiber or coaxial cable or a combination of both. Multiple buildings within a campus or even remote sites can be linked to a single system through the use of fiber optic cable or wireless point-to-point links, even when separated by miles.