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Worked with CLSC Since 1998

I have known and worked with Communications Link Services Corp(CLSC) since 1998 when they installed our 5m and 3.8m satellite antennas.  We used these antennas to downlink the newly deployed digital video multiplex to our software lab.  In addition to the antenna installation and supporting structure, CLSC would also provide the coax and optical cable installation for Interfacility Links (IFL).  CLSC had proven proficient in a number of on-site projects including wiring, installation, and support of our communication infrastructure throughout the past 18 years.  Moreover CLSC would provide a bi-yearly maintenance activity to insure our antennas would be ready for the long New England winter.  In 2007 CLSC was contracted to de-install and re-install our satellite equipment to a new office location and limit the amount of signal downtime by installing a temporary system.  CLSC proved proficient in this project by not only limiting the downtime required but also executing an upgrade of the 5m antenna equipment and transmission electronics simultaneously.  Later CLSC would be tasked to install a manufacture’s electric heating de-ice system that proved to be a technical and tedious undertaking, and am happy to report that the system is still operational today.  Finally, in 2016 CLSC would once again be called to re-locate and upgrade our satellite IFL to a new location and once again this would need to be done with limited downtime.  CLSC accomplished this flawlessly and in one weekend there is no doubt we will continue to work with CLSC in the future for our communication needs.

Stephen H.

CommLink is unique in the industry

My organization has been a satisfied customer of Communications Link Service Corp. for years. When I began working on a project that required tel-data and fiber backbone support CommLink was the first and only company I trusted to provide the necessary support work. The CommLink crew is professional, thorough and understands our organizations needs. They provide service that goes above and beyond. Their knowledge of industry standards improves our end product and we rely on them because we know CommLink will get the work done on time.

CommLink is unique in the industry. I have never worked with a vendor that worked so hard to help us with a migration. We had an experience where we purchased the wrong equipment, but were not aware of it until late at night in the middle of a critical migration. The CommLink crew on site providing termination support contacted their office and management found and delivered the needed equipment in the middle of the night. It was humbling to have CommLink go to such lengths to support our project.


Outstanding Group of Employees

On behalf of residents and staff at The Boulders Campus, RiverWoods Exeter, I would like to personally extend our sincere appreciation for the outstanding group of employees that were sent to complete the recent network upgrade project.

Eric and Brian were friendly and professional and always went out of their way to make our residents comfortable. The project was invasive, and time consuming and yet they were able to communicate with all levels of resident questions with patience and empathy! From explaining what they were doing and why, to helping clear out closets in order to gain access to the data panels, this team never hesitated to put our residents and their comfort first.

I also want to recognize Tim, Shane,. Joe, Kevin and Dave, who were equally helpful and pleasant! As the majority of my communication was with and Brian, I didn’t have as much contact with the rest of the crew, but it was obvious that the impact on the residents was lessened by their positive attitudes.

Please extend our deepest gratitude to each them. They made a large, intrusive project much easier to bear for all of us, but most importantly, the residents.

Carol Stevenson, Director of Resident Services - The Boulders

Your company has helped to restore my faith in vendors

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for once again doing a fantastic job. For the second time, your company has done a great job for Manulife Co. From start to finish, all aspects of the job went according to the plan. The techs couldn’t have better with communication, time to complete the job, cleanliness and a Walk-through upon completion of job. From start to finish , your company has helped to restore my faith in vendors we use. Most of the other vendors have become dysfunctional in nature. I would recommend Commlink to anyone who desires to have their project completed with little or no disruptions and end up with the desired outcome. Thank you for making my job a lot easier.

Bob Vozzella
Video Conf Services

Comm Link performed exemplary in a high stress and time constricted situation

I have been doing business with Communications Link Services Corporation for close to two decades. We have been partnered on projects both as a client and as a vendor.We have been involved on countless projects including the deployment of a digital video distribution system for a high-profile federal agency in Washington D.C. where they served as a subcontractor for AMT. Comm Link performed exemplary in a high stress and time constricted situation. The project was completed on time and the customer was elated. Comm Link has always approached projects in an intelligent and thoughtful manner avoiding many of the pitfalls that a less experienced firm may encounter.

I would strongly recommend Communications Link Service Corporation for your communications infrastructure project.

Robert Narzisi
Sales Manager, SMATV Division